Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let there be garlic...

10 heads of garlic, to be precise. I have wanted to garden for a while, and we moved into this apartment too late to plant anything. I was reading some gardening book I have and it said you plant garlic in the fall so I went out and bought some cheap planter bins and potting soil.

So here's my garlic:

I planted 10 cloves, they are supposed to be ready to harvest in like July haha. It's a long process! But hey, I'm excited for fresh garlic....except knowing my luck I'll kill them.

I am going to plant 3 tomato plants as well, but that isn't until the spring. I have basil and rosemary in my kitchen, but I don't really know what to do with them...and how to get them any sunlight without the cats knocking them over and eating them. I tried to find oregano and thyme plants, but there weren't any around. I guess those can wait until the spring too.

Halloween was fun. The Evil Dead series was hilarious and I was actually kind of scared in the first one. The lasagna I made was absolutely delicious so I'll post that recipe tomorrow.

I'm off to play Monopoly, or some other board game now.

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