Monday, November 9, 2009

Gardein "Chicken" Breasts

A few weeks ago I tried Gardein "Chicken" Breasts. I tried the Herb Dijon variety, and was pleasantly surprised. I really want to try the tuscan variety, but can't seem to find them around here.

After trying the strips I was quite nervous to try these, but they are pretty tasty. It cost $5 for two, so quite comparable to the price of real chicken breasts.

I apologize for the pictures, they were taken with my cellphone. They looked a lot like real chicken, and the texture was spot on. I couldn't taste any "fake" flavour but I wasn't too keen on the marinade.

They were easy to cook. I put them in a roast pan, cut up an onion, some garlic and carrots and put them around the breasts. I put some pepper on them and then covered and baked for about 15 minutes I think. So, they were definitely easy to make.

Jason liked them too, I'm just not sure if I would buy this flavour again, but I definitely will try others from the line. WHo knows, maybe I'll buy this variety again, just because it was so easy to make, not to mention the 22g of protein! I am still weirded out by how it felt to cut through something, and not just cut, but saw like real was seriously a strange sensation, I felt like it was so meat like I shouldn't be eating it!

You can buy them at Save on Foods (n the meat department of all places), or Planet Organic. Marketplace IGA carries them too. I think if you go to the website it shows you a list of BC stores that carry them.

Posting this reminded me I wanted to post this, one of my favourites Jonathan Foer on one of my other favourites, Ellen:

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