Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peaceable Kingdom

This looks really good!

The part where the sheep jumps out of the truck into the field is so happy! I cried when the lambs reunite with their mommies too. Something about lambs/goats/sheeps, they are sooo amazing, I just love them. They melt my heart.

Anyways. I should really go write that pesky paper.

I made this for dinner, but didn't finish it. I've never had pomegranate seeds before, and apparently I don't like them.

I've been meaning to post my food/exercise log for the last week...but I suck haha. The last three nights I've eaten out (although last night was sushi, so it's okayish) and I've been living off toast basically. I haven't been exercising because I keep making excuses and I just suck lol. I will be back on the get-fit-eat-healthy bandwagon soon, I hope.

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