Monday, November 30, 2009

Random jabbering

So, I have a 300gb hard drive and the other day I was trying to download this ultra-Disney pack of movies. It turns out I only had 5gb or so free.

As a result of this inconvenience I have a new goal for the Christmas break: organize my bloody hard drive (including my pictures folders which are absolute chaos).

I also have to organize my SFU email account. I have 200 pages of email (25 per page) most of which are useless....but I still have to go through them all, ugh.

On a less mundane note, I decided where I want my first trip to be once I graduate!! I am absolutely, definitely going on an African safari. I am not sure how much roughing it I want to do...but you can go on SEVENTY-THREE DAY safari's through like half of Africa. That might be a bit long but I might do a 30 day one or something. Gah. I need to graduate and get a bazillion dollars to fly to Africa. The actual safari prices aren't too bad, it's the flight that kills it pricewise lol. Oh well, I think it would be totally worth it.

I must go finish this paper now. ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! My first final is in like 10 days, fuck. I hate finals, especially when all of my classes have one.

**Also** Anne Murray's Christmas album (which the exception of the blatantly religious songs like away in a manger) is AMAZING!!!!! I have listened to it like 45 times this past weekend. GO GET IT!!!!!! Spread the Holiday cheer, muahahaha.

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