Monday, November 16, 2009

Spring 10 Courses

Just once can I register without any issues? That's all I ask. I had planned to take a psychology class in the spring, but the enrollment thing kept saying the tutorial section was "closed" even though they weren't. So, I couldn't register.

Oh well, it's a requirement for Crim majors, so I'm sure it will be offered in the summer. If it isn't, I'm screwed...I'm set up to graduate next summer, but I have to finish my random courses by the summer!


I am taking 5 criminology and one political science. Fun fun fun. The worst part about the spring semester is going to be the Olympic Break. Not so much the break itself, but the fact that it pushes back the end of the semester. So between spring-summer and summer-fall we only get ONE week instead of two weeks for a break. Ugh.

Not to mention, my last class is on April 16th and my first exam is April 18th (and the other 5 within 6 days after that). I lose that 1 week+ grace period between finals and the last class to study. I'm so annoyed! This means my final exam studying will start when I'm writing my term papers. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Fuck you VANOC.

My courses are:

Women in the CJS
Canadian Policing
Sociological Explanations of Crime
Research Methods in Crim
Criminal Law
Administration of Justice (poli-sci course)

They are all interesting enough, with the exception of research methods in crim haha. It's gonna be a busy semester, but I'm looking forward to it. Not to mention I managed to avoid the Burnaby Campus all together. Kind of ironic though, most crim courses are offered at the Surrey Campus, and I moved the same week I decided to do a crim major. I would have been a 5 minute walk from school! Oh well, the commute from here to Surrey is faster than here to Burnaby, so it's okay.

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