Friday, November 13, 2009

Garlic Update

Haha, I've updated like 5 times today, but I can't help it. I'm stalling, I don't want to study philosophy.

Yesterday I saw Charlie sitting in the window when I got home (when you enter the building, you can see my apartment through the windows in the entryway - and everyday I check to see if the kitties are in the window when I get home). Well anyways, Charlie was in the window so I did a ninja move and came in through the patio door instead. When I was unlocking the door I looked at my garlic and they are SPROUTING!!!

I DIDN'T KILL A PLANT!!! YAY!!!! I can garden!!!

I was SOOO excited, you don't even know. Garlic practically grows itself, but just the fact that I planted something, and watered it etc and it didn't die in two days was amazing.

Here is a picture of the longest sprout (and the sprout is like 3 inches UNDER the soil too!!):

Amazing, right? I want to rip one up to see if roots are coming out the bottom, but I know I will kill it if I do that.

Here's a cute picture of Alma:

Now I must go shave my legs (again, stalling from studying). I haven't shaved them in like two months or longer. They are longer than the "playoff beards" we would grow on our legs during the hockey playoffs haha. Good thing I don't have thick leg hair, or it would truly be mannish.

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