Thursday, November 19, 2009


I finally found a website with nice vegan boots. My favourite pairs only had a 13" calf circumference and I have muscular bad boys, so they wouldn't fit me. There were super cute, peter pan esque ones too, but they only had a size 11 or 6, so I couldn't get those either.

I ended up going with my first choice faux-suede-uggesque boots. They won't be as good in the rain and slushy snow but on the plus side they have a rubber wedge part, so I'm off the ground a little. Plus, it's not like I'm trekking directly through gigantic puddles and snow piles...I generally go around! I can't wait to have warm fuzzy toes!!!

So, these are the boots I ordered. I'm super excited!!! I shipped them to Sumas, saved me $20 shipping plus UPS will charge me like $80 for customs and brokerage fees when they deliver it directly to my house.


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  1. Im commenting on like every post BUT
    I LOVE all the PUMPS omg, they are sooo nice. I want some! but Im completely broke. so maybe after christmas, hahaha