Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is quite interesting actually. I was JUST thinking last night how I should post some myths about protein, calcium, and other nutrients we seem to believe can only be obtained through animal products.

I was on veggie boards today and someone posted a link to this documentary. Their blog is extremely interesting. The trailer is on there, but I'll post a few versions here:

It looks so good! Finally something "mainstream" that is debunking the calcium myth, not to mention all the diseases associated with milk. I think the documentary comes out in the spring, I'm really excited.

Here are some more videos about milk and disease.

I'm downloading this documentary as I type this. I am reading The China Study right now, which is basically a scientific basis for why veganism is much healthier than an omnivore diet. It's extremely interesting and mind boggling at the same time. Anyways, T. Colin Campbell is in these two clips and I love him:

I'm still going to post dietary specifics like where to get calcium and their amounts and what not later. I'm going to try to find specific articles about reversing diseases like cancer and diabetes through a vegan diet as well. I just thought it was a neat coincidence that I was just thinking about posting stuff on that, and I found a link to that milk documentary!

"Sixty percent of adults can't digest milk". There's an interesting article.

I'm just glad scientists are starting to study this stuff. The China study was 30 years in the making, so the research began years ago it's just starting to come to the surface now I guess. At least in a more mainstream way. Probably because of our ridiculous obesity issues, health care, cancer and all that shit caused by our diets.

Anyways, I'm going out for a run now! Wish me luck, I'll need it haha.

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  1. ugh I HATE milk!!!! ewwwww. honestly how can people drink that stuff! but I have to admit the alternatives aren't very tasty. Regular soy tastes like dirt, but I do like the chocolate and vanilla ones. :)