Sunday, November 22, 2009


So, I'm hosting a vegan Christmas dinner at my apartment on Dec 23rd for my grandma and brothers and sister. I'm really excited! Firstly because this is my first veggie Christmas, and secondly because I just had the greatest idea!!! I was thinking to myself, aw crap, I am baking goodies for Christmas gifts this year on the 23/24 AND I have to make dinner on the 23...AND I only have ONE oven.

How am I going to cook stuffing?

IN THE CROCK POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I did a quick google search on crock pot stuffing and apparently it's a pretty common thing, who knew? It apparently simulates the moistness you get from cooking stuffing in a turkey, and I LOVE moist stuffing. I can not stand dry stuffing, so I am hoping it will be delicious.

I am trying to put together my feast list this week so I can test drive some recipes. I already have my pot pie recipe I made a few weeks ago that was absolutely delicious, and the scalloped potatoes from V-Con (no mashed, everyone does mashed!!) and now I am trying to come up with a stuffing recipe.

Anyways. I am going back to bed, I think I have swine flu and I have to go cook a vegetable soup in a few hours so I need my rest!!!

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