Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fashion Victims

Someone posted this video on veggieboards. It's just a quick re-cap of stuff I already know, but others may not. Here you go:

I'm still sick too! Jeez Louise, it just isn't going away. I had planned to make home made pho tonight but I couldn't find anise stars anywhere. I was going to stop at T&T market on the way home from school but I felt like poo again this morning, so I didn't go. Argh! I was so excited for pho, I haven't had it in like 8 months.

I suppose I could drive to T&T, at least I'll be warm in my car and not standing outside in the rain waiting for the bus which is the worst when you are coughy and have a runny nose!! Plus, I hate sitting beside people when I'm sick, I feel so awkward and rude. And, if I drive at least I'll be in and out faster....less time to spread my sickness haha.

I'm annoyed I missed school today though, I was supposed to get my 2nd philosophy midterm back. I told the TA I was sick for the last two weeks (lies) just so I wouldn't have to go to the useless class, and now today I am actually sick. I was reminded of the boy who cried wolf lol, so I told her I had an appointment with my department adviser and asked her to email my grade. I AM SO SCARED!!!!!!! At least half the class didn't even finish the exam from what I can tell, so maybe I'll be above average because I finished.

As for food. Well I weighed myself yesterday and I was 175 which means I would have lost like 9 pounds this month...but that number is quite artificial I think. Seeing as how I've been sick and haven't been eating too much. Oh well, if it stays the same until Monday I totally kicked my goal of 4lbs out the window. Woot!

I haven't made anything new or exciting all week. I am making curried chickpeas and cauliflower over basmati rice tonight though. It's super easy and I feel dumb posting a recipe but here:

Ingredients: Can of chickpeas and coconut milk. Some cauliflower, onion, rice and curry spices. I just use curry paste from a jar (ignore the sodium content) because it's easier.

To make: Saute the onion until clear, add chickpeas and cauliflower. Cook for a minute and then add the coconut milk and curry paste. Meanwhile cook your rice. Just simmer the curry mixture until the rice is finished and then serve over the rice. It's delicious, fast and cheap. Yum.

Anyways. I really have to muster up some energy to do some studying. I've done jack-all the last week and am super behind. Bye!

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