Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Children's TV bonanza

I used to LOVE Sesame Street. I just logged onto my computer in class this morning and I literally was like "OH MY GOD SESAME STREET!" out loud, and everyone around me was like "wtf is wrong with that white girl". It was funny.

I couldn't even concentrate on the lecture because I wanted to go watch youtube clips of Sesame Street haha. I watched "Elmo's Song" and now it's stuck in my head

This is hilarious. I love the broccoli guy, he's so old looking:

but where the heck is the cookie monster who eats plates and cookies all day?

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me!! Oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. I actually remember going around my house singing this as a kid lol. Haha, a donut with a bite out of it looks like a C, but it's not as good as a cookie. Why does the cookie monster remind me of the IKEA guy? Here's the cookie monster:

And of course, in High School I thought this was the most hilarious thing ever. It's still pretty hilarious actually:

Now I want to look at other children's shows haha. I love them.

I loved Barney, I don't care what anybody says. I think he sends good messages to children.

I can't find a video on Mr.Rogers, I loved him. He was probably one of my top 3 favourite shows as a kid.

Omg, this brings back huge memories. I swear I learned how to tell time from this show haha, not to mention the amazingly catchy intro. Nobody ever remembers this show, but it was one of my favourite:

This is some serious nostalgia right here:

I don't remember this intro as much, but it's from my birthday year and he does a hilarious dance and song:

I LOVED Mr. Dressup as a kid, but this is kind of painful to watch now lol:


WOW! i totally forgot about this tv show, but it rocked my socks off:

This was a great show too:

I sort've watched Saved by the Bell, but I don't remember it like these other shows. I watched Scooby Doo and those types of cartoons, but it's too hard to find the clips from my time.

I liked how you could learn something from kid's tv back in the day. Now it's just utter crap.

And because the cookie monster reminded me of IKEA, here is the only good IKEA commercial:

Now I just have 2 hours until my next class, yay!

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