Monday, November 2, 2009

Losing weight and other things

Today's winner on the bus: some kid who threw up on his mother's lap. It was actually quite hilarious until I started to smell it.

I'm at harbor center SFU right now. I was all excited to get my favourite drink from Blenz, but apparently the one across the street is shut down or something. It sucks, because it is one of the only places that uses real chocolate chips in their mocha' I know it's vegan.

So, it's not really a newsflash or anything but I think I'm fat. This month (and every other month for that matter) I set out to lose weight and eat healthier. Well, I got the eating healthier part down (for the most part) but I am still a lazy ass, which reminds me of a conversation I had with Sharon over sushi a little while ago:

Sharon: "So do you feel different now that you're vegan?"
Me: "Yes! I feel amazing! I have leaps and bounds of energy now, and I just get these urges to go out for runs and do all this exercise and kill energy and it's just great!"
Sharon: "so do you go for runs and stuff then?"
Me: "No. I'm too lazy."

Well, that was the jist of the conversation. I am just so annoyed at myself, I truly do have all this energy and I hate sitting, and I hate doing nothing, but I am so lazy! I have to get over this mental hurdle. I also have to start drinking more water.

So. Later tonight I am going to take my measurements and post them here (gasp!). I know so many people read this and/or actually care about this haha, but I care! Perhaps the world knowing my fatness and lack of motivation will give me motivation. I am hoping keeping track of it publicly will help me get on and stay on track to losing weight.

November's Goals:
1. Lose 4 pounds (I'm not on Biggest Loser! I don't need to lose 34009324 pounds in two days)
2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day or more.
3. Not eat as much junk food (wish me some serious luck here)
4. Exercise 15 minutes a day as well as 30 minutes of intense exercise 3x a week.
5. Post or write down EVERYTHING I eat so I know I actually drank enough water and didn't eat a bunch of junk.

I must start small, eventually I will do like an hour a day, but A) I don't have time. B) I already walk briskly around campus/to the bus, etc at least 20 minutes a day and C) I have to take baby steps or I am bound to quit haha.

Anyways. Later tonight I will post my measurements and weight (oh god, I don't even know anymore) and the recipe for the amazing lasagna I had on Saturday.

And for good measure, here's a cute picture of the kitties:

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