Saturday, January 2, 2010


We adopted a new cat today :)

Her name was Cricket, but I like to give human names to my pets so we renamed her Bella. She is the sweetest girl and a huge sucker for pets. The second I walked into the room I knew she was the kitty I was going to take home. She was standing on her big scratching post tree just "marching" and purring and meowing and she just looked at me with her big green eyes.

I wanted to take all 150 cats home. There was another cat who was almost identical to Bella, only 8 years younger that Jason really liked. I convinced Jason that Bella has been at the shelter for nearly 8 months and because she is "old" nobody wants her, no matter how charming she is. (Bella is supposedly 10, but when I first met her she seemed 4 or 5...she is probably more like 7 or 8, but who knows)

The second I opened her carriers door when she got home she pranced out all curious and wide-eyed. She didn't seem scared at all. Charlie met her with a hiss but he doesn't seem angry or mean, just curious and almost scared of her. Alma took one look at her, went entirely tense and hissed like crazy. Now she's just sitting on the couch angrily.

Bella is sitting under the bed right now, she doesn't seem that scared because as soon as either of us go over to her she comes out for pets. I think she is just hiding from Charlie, who just fell asleep beside the bed haha. He was crouched down staring at her, but I guess he got bored or something. He looks hilarious.

I took some pictures of her, but none of them really turned out. I need a new camera because mine is taking blurry pictures 80% of the time now, and it didn't help that Bella kept moving around because she is so excited. I'll take some pictures tomorrow when she is more calm and post some. She is one of those white/orange/black smudgy cats. Generally they are my least favourite cats, I just don't really like their markings...but for some reason Bella just stole my heart, she's so pretty!!!

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