Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner and Kitty Pics

Hello internet world, I've been quite busy this semester with my two volunteer jobs and my SIX courses! My house is so messy! This weekend was quite nice though. I caught up on some school work on Friday, did nothing on Saturday and then my brother came over for the night last night and all we did was play video games. Actually, I depotted all my eyeshadow and was going to make my own palette but it messed up so now I have to go buy a real one *sigh*. It was fun to depot them though.

I went to Bruce's Market today and saw some corn (which I thought couldn't be grown in the winter...but I guess anything is possible nowadays) so we bought that for dinner. I made some quinoa, broccoli, baby bok choy and leeks to go with it. Yummy!

The corn was DELISH!!! I can't believe I ever hated corn on the cob as a child. What the heck was wrong with me?

Here's some pics of the kitties:

FUZZY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really gross when he cleans it because he'll hear a noise or something and look up but the tail hair will still be in his mouth and it looks all stringy and wet. Ew!

It's only been three weeks, and look how close Bella is to the other kitties!!

Bella really can't take attractive photos haha.

Earlier Alma was drinking some water and Bella came out of the bedroom to get food. She saw Alma there, and kind of sat still wondering if she should risk trying to get food so near to Alma...but she risked it, and walked right up and started to eat but then Alma kind of perched on her back legs and made this double chin hilarious rocking motion face. It was great. Bella looked defeated and just walked away haha. (I just read this over, that story doesn't really make sense but I don't know how to word it, hopefully you get what I'm sayin')

I was going to start an essay tonight but I decided to take the night off instead. Good refresher. On the weight loss front - I have lost an inch off my thighs and arms so far! I've also lost 1/2" from my boobs/waist/butt too. Progress!!! It's only been two weeks too, so I'm quite proud of myself. I even went to the gym at 6:30 in the morning last week before I left for school. I have to go four times this week to make up for my poor eating yesterday.

I heard a rumour the COPAT is no longer required for corrections jobs - but it's probably just that, a rumour.

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