Sunday, January 3, 2010


Bella is pretty adjusted already. She is extremely confident around myself or Jason and is warming up to Charlie. After the one hiss Charlie gave her, and the hilarious and creepy stalking (which he is almost over) Charlie seems to be indifferent now. I put Bella on the top of the china cabinet where Charlie was sleeping and they were about a foot away. Bella looked at him, Charlie opened his eyes for a second and just went back to sleep so neither of them felt threatened by each other or anything.

I wish I could say the same thing about Alma. She is being a grumpy girl! Both Bella and Alma hate each other still, oh well, it's only been a day, by the end of the week they will be besties.

Here are some pictures of Bella:

The last picture is how she sits, it's absolutely hilarious looking. Alma sits with her arms straight out all the time, but Bella looks like she dislocates her shoulders or something to get them to stick out even further, and then she pulls her head back so she gets this hilarious double chin.

I'm off to research juicing recipes and tips now. Bye!

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