Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye, my sweet love

It's official! March 10, my tattoo removal process begins via excision. I AM SO NERVOUS!! It's going to hurt like a mother fucker, basically they just cut the tattoo OFF and stitch it back up. I can't get laser removal because the colours are too vivid, which is better I think anyways. I don't care about scarring ( I LOVE SCARS!) and if there is a nice scar, it will remind me of my beautiful tattoo.

I'm so sad. I don't want to get it removed...but who knew I would be going into law enforcement? Oops. Should have put it in a more inconspicuous spot. When I graduate I am going to get the EXACT tattoo put on my hip or something haha.

At least it's going to be free. My sisters plastic surgeon is doing it for me, so I'm sure my scarring will be minimal. After all, this man can make ears from butt skin and rib cartilage...I'm sure scraping off some neck skin is a walk in the park for him!

Now I must go write this fucking retarded 4k word essay which was due YESTERDAY. I swore it said next's just strange to have an essay due 2 weeks after we started classes.

Oh well. I'll lose a few points for lateness, not the end of the world. (Actually it is kind of. I've never handed anything in late before, and it makes me sad to lose points for something so stupid...although it's a distance ed class, and it doesn't say explicitly anywhere how many late points are to be taken off)

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