Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food Loggity Log

Hi all,

Isn't that piggy cute?

I ate pretty healthy yesterday until I sabotaged myself and gave into my craving for an entire bag of Jalapeno Kettle Chips (argh).

- giant glass of juice with 1/2" piece of ginger, 2 apples, 2 pears and 2 beets
- 2 pieces of Me n Ed's leftover pizza (really healthy pizza)
- handful of roasted almonds
- brown rice and veggie soup with some crackers
- Triscuits with peanut butter
- 1 apple
- an ENTIRE BAG OF Kettle Chips. ARGH! I had intended to save the rest for today to eat, but I wanted a snack while I was watching American Idol (yes I know, the show is so lame...but Ellen is going to be a judge so I must watch!) - but to be fair, kettle chips only have 150g bags so it's not THAT bad.

I haven't really eaten anything today. I had chocolate soy milk, some Sjaak's mini caramel chocolates and a strawberry fruit roll up thing. I'm having a burrito for dinner and am going to make spinach-artichoke dip later tonight (I'll post the recipe tomorrow if it turns out good). So today is unhealthy, but I am writing an essay with a ridiculous topic, so I am justified in my poor diet haha.

To add to my extremely busy schedule for the next two weeks, CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) contacted me and I have to go write a 4.5 hour written exam in Richmond (I'm going to get lost and probably get hit by a car or something haha) on Tuesday. If I get a good grade on the exam I go on to the next part of recruitment so wish me luck! I really want this summer position, it's great resume experience!

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