Saturday, January 30, 2010


People are so ignorant these days. I don't even know why I bother.

Why is it that as soon as someone is into AR or a vegan or whatever people assume they stop caring about humans? Can they not be cared about equally? Is it really that difficult to care about BOTH humans and animals at the same time?

I always hear and read about people whining and bitching that us AR freaks are only worrying about dying cows and seals and we ignore children dying in third world countries, or in the sex trade, or in abusive homes, etc. I think people just want to make themselves feel better by bitching out AR people for caring about animals over their own species because they feel bad about not caring themselves.

I treat both animals and humans with respect. I don't put either one above the other and am perfectly capable of helping both at the same time. I am sure most vegans would agree with me.

I would actually say I care about humans more than most people do. Compassion should be extended to all living beings, not just to those of the same species.

Sorry for the negativity, I'm not very annoyed with mankind right now. On the plus side I had a great time volunteering today! Drug addictions and being in prison aside, the women I help out are amazing. Every single one of them is so kind, welcoming and thankful for the time I spend with them. Funny how I get more respect and thankfulness from the women in the shelter and prison than from people at my school or the grocery store.

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