Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anyway you look at it, the dairy industry is extremely cruel.

Mercy for Animals just finished an investigation of New York's biggest dairy provider. Here is the video:

Here is the website where you can find other information on the investigation.

Ugh. I honestly don't understand how people can do this, how people continue to ignore it and how people who know about this continue to consume animal products. Seriously? I always hear of people making excuses even when they are fully aware of the treatment of animals, but somehow taste buds and mindless government sponsored nutrition facts are ground into our heads.

I am going to cheer myself up by looking at cute pictures of cows now. Just remember that animals have feelings too and under no circumstances should they be exploited and abused for our taste buds, clothing or entertainment. It's disgusting and unnecessary.

*Edit* Here is the link to Mercy for Animals general website. You can get other info and see videos of their other investigations there.

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