Friday, October 30, 2009

World Vegan Day is Sunday!

Just a reminder that the finale to world vegan week is Sunday, World Vegan Day! Eat vegan, feel great, be happy!!

November is also vegan awareness month, so eat vegan as much as you can.

This interview with Alicia Silverstone is really good. It's about her new book, but it talks a lot about non-vegans "flirting" with veganism and great vegan alternatives that taste better than the real thing. Although, the lady host is irritating and they spelled "kitchen" wrong in one of the banners lol.

Later tonight I'm gonna post some stuff you can eat on Sunday. I have to go to New West now to see some lady at the Elizabeth Fry Society, but after I am finally going to check out Karmavore. It's a cool vegan shop in New West only a few blocks away from where I'm going. I am soooo excited, I've wanted to go there for ages.

They will have vegan gum! I haven't had gum in like 2 months. They also have Field Roast sausages which I have been wanting to try for months as well, yum.

Anyways, check back for some vegan day ideas.

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