Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why am I vegan anyways? (part 2)

I support silk worms:

and not their exploitation:

I support natural pollination:

and not the honey industry:

Only farm animals, fish and insects you ask? Well I also support the rights of dogs:

and not their skinning, slaughter, torture, breeding, and use (esp. beagles) in animal testing experiments (look up Splenda's animal testing):

I support cats and kittens:

and not their breeding, slaughter or torture:

I support monkeys:

and not their use in experiments:

I support organic produce farms:

and not the runoff, diseases and other environmental detriments caused by factory farms:

I support forests and other natural habitats:

and not their clear cutting:

I support health:

and not bad health caused by our diets. Diabetes and heart disease can be reversed through our diets, obesity and some cancers are entirely preventable (Read the China Study, among other books/journals):

I support healthy body image and exercise (and yes I know, I am lazy..but I am working on it!!):

and not obesity, overweight children and eating fast food 10 times a day:

And finally, I support vegan food!!!! I have had my eyes opened to soooo many more types of food and flavours. It isn't restricting at all, it's the opposite. Just look at the colours and possibilities:

and I don't support the meat, dairy or cheese industry, this includes animal byproducts like gelatin (cuz we all want boiled hooves, bones, tails and heads in our Jello and candy). I just like how in these pictures the colour comes from fruits and veggies and not the meat...imagine the picture without colour, it's disgusting:

And this, ladies and gentlemen is why I chose to be vegan. I can't love certain animals over others, I can't live in ignorance and pretending, I can't keep eating crap. If you are unfamiliar with any of these industry realities please research them (beef, pork, chicken, fowl, gelatin, animal by-products lists, leather, wool, silk, fish, animal testing, environmental impacts of mass fishing and factory farms, consequences of breeding, spaying and neutering, pet overpopulation, being able to feed the entire world if we were all veggie etc.) and have your eyes opened. You can not call yourself an environmentalist, animal activist/lover etc if you are not veggie, period. Research these industries and impacts and then make an educated decision about your lifestyle.

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