Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why am I vegan anyways? (part 1)

I was sitting on a bench at school earlier today, half reading, half watching people walk by. What was I watching you ask? People munching on hamburgers, drinking milk, wearing leather shoes or Uggs, rubbing on lotion laden with pig products. I got so overwhelmed I had to go sit in the bathroom and calm myself down. I just felt so sad, how can these people wear/eat these things if they knew where they came from? If they knew the horrible working conditions the workers are put in, if they knew that factory farming is the number one biggest threat to the environment, if they even considered that humans are the ONLY species to eat another mammals milk. Think about it, calves don't even drink their mothers milk after they grow up, humans don't, cats don't, pigs dont, but for some reason we believe we need cow's milk to survive...seems strange and completely unnatural when you think about it.

I decided to go remind myself why I am vegan, why I choose this lifestyle. Why? I LOVE animals, what makes a family pet like a dog or cat any different from a pig, a cow, a dolphin, a bear, or even a human? Why do we value some lives more than others, because they taste good? some are cuter than others? Why?


I support cows:

and not their slaughter, torture or the leather industry:

I support the right to live for calves:

and not their slaughter and torture:

I support hens and their strong maternal instincts:

and not their slaughter or torture:

I support the right to live for male baby chicks:

and not the fact that they are literally thrown out as garbage as a result of the egg industry:

I support pigs and their intelligence:

and not their slaughter and torture:

I support a natural life for piglets:

and not their cruel and unnatural lives inside factory farms:

I support lambs:

and not their slaughter:

I support goats (one of my favourite animals):

and not exploitation of them for cheese and milk:

I support sheep and all their smiles:

and not the cruel procedures of the wool industry (mulesing):

I support dolphins:

and not their slaughter off the coast of Japan (and yes, that is the ocean coloured red with blood):

I support fish because they too can feel pain and fear:

and not their capture and slaughter, nor the clear cutting of the ocean floors:

I support the deer:

and not their exploitation:

I support bears:

and not their exploitation:

I support foxes, rabbits and other animals that fall victim to the fur industry:

and not their being skinned alive:

I have more, I am going to make a part 2.

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