Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Post, yay!

Hello internet world and friends.

I started this blog to document some of my favourite foods (where I will include pictures and recipes so you can all enjoy delish vegan food) as well as to write about my life. I may use it to keep records of websites I like and what not too.

Here are some of my favourite vegan blogs, videos and information websites:

Earthlings.This is a graphic video about the meat, science and clothing industries. I use the term "graphic" loosely, the video expresses the hardships and reality of the lives of these animals and I strongly encourage you to sit through the tough bits and really think about what you are watching. Become educated about where your food and clothing products come from.

Meet your Meat. This again is a graphic video about the meat industry, it goes through each type of animal from cow to chicken to pig etc. If it scares you, that is a good thing, perhaps you should reconsider your meat consumption.

The Vegan Foodie

Vegan Dad

The PPK. Isa and Terry are my favourite, their cookbooks are so sassy and fun to read...not to mention Isa might love cupcakes more than me!!!

World Go Vegan Week: Oct 25-31

Veggie Boards

List of Animal Ingredients. 95% of the grocery store has some form of animal ingredient in it, it's very daunting and I try not to think about it or I get very overwhelmed.

Humane Myth

Go Veg

Animal Testing Information

Veg Cooking

All Recipes. You just have to dig a little bit to find quality vegan recipes...but they are there!

Recipezaar. More selection of veggie recipes here than on all recipes.

I hope you all check out these links.

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