Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hummus Avocado Pita

I know this doesn't require a recipe, but sometimes people don't know how to make something easy like a pita without meat or cheese or something. I can assure you this is extremely filling, tasty and healthy! This makes a great lunch and can be made ahead of time too. If you keep the pit in the avocado, you can save the other half in the fridge without it going brown.

1 whole wheat pita
half a tomato, diced and seeded
half an avocado, sliced
half a red pepper, julienned
half a large carrot, julienned
2 huge spoonfuls of hummus (Recipe Here)
handful of greens (I used a prepackaged "spring mix")

To assemble, cut the pita in half and smear in the hummus on each side. Place your veggies in and then cram as much greens as you can fit. When full, warm it up in the oven for optimal tastiness.

If you've been reading my blog you would have seen my post of our makeshift bookshelf tree, but now we have a real tree! Well, fake, but it's still a Christmas tree. Doug still had his old one from when he lived in an apartment so when we are my moms on the weekend we got to take it. It's small enough that the kitties aren't as interested as last year too. I had to spray citrusy perfume all over the bottom branches though because Charlie still wanted to eat it.

It's so cute!!!

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