Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jokerz chocolate bar

Thank goodness Christmas is over. Although, I just went to the mall to use a giftcard I got and the parking lot was RIDICULOUS!!! I don't even try to park near the entrance in those situations, I have legs for a reason....walking an extra five feet isn't going to kill me.

There was however, this "battle" going on between this old guy and this Indian girl. It was absolutely ridiculous. There was one parking spot right at the front and neither would move to let the other take the spot, so they just sat there (blocking all traffic) honking at each other. It was funny. When I left I saw the old guy's car in the spot...so I guess he won lol.

I mentioned awhile ago that I had ordered some of the Go Max Go chocolate bars from vivagranola.com. I put the Jokerz one in my stocking and it was amazing!! Jason said it tasted like a Mars bar but I've never had one so I don't know if it actually does or not. I definitely recommend Jokerz to anyone, vegan or not, because it's so friggin tasty. It wasn't overly sweet like the Mahalo bar either.

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  1. the abbotsford mall was ridiculous on boxing day. I had to park like where the Bus depot is. and I found like the last possible spot. lol. All for 50% off jeans at american eagle, hahahaha :) Hope you got some good gifts for christmas!!