Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My life is so interesting


I'm at school right now, my bus got here freakishly quickly...I guess when it's final exam time less people take the bus, so less stops, so it gets here faster. Although, the 701 was really I would think that would even it out.

There was an extremely irritating man on the bus sitting in the front. EVERY time and for EVERY person who got on the bus, this man would practically scream "Merry Christmas" to them. It was so distracting and pissed me off to the maximum.

I have my first exam in 30 minutes. I'm quite excited, when you finish the first of your finals it feels like the semester is that much closer to finishing. Sure, class ends but it doesn't seem like the end until you actually write an exam. I finish next Friday!!! I don't know what I am going to do next weekend in "celebration", probably just clean my house and gorge myself on fatty foods haha. I guess I might go buy Jason's Christmas present.

I was trying to calculate my textbook cost for next semester...most books aren't posted/are custom course packs but I think I'm looking at about $600 or $700 bucks. I hate buying textbooks!!!

I won't be posting any new recipes this week, we are eating boring food that I've made 100 times because I don't have time to experiment and then if I fail to remake something. It's sad, really.

Anyways, I'm gonna go read news websites or something. I might go buyback my textbook actually.

See ya.

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