Sunday, December 6, 2009

Uncle Eddie's and Go Max Go

I picked up my order of vegan goodies on Saturday. I was so excited! I now have a four month stash of vegan candy! Awesome, right?

I ordered some of these chocolate bars by Go Max Go. On the chocolate bar front there isn't anything for us vegans to buy except plain dark chocolate bars, sometimes with nuts or fruit...but nothing full of artery-clogging-sugary-goodness like a kit-kat or snickers.

I tried the Mahalo one first. YUM! It tasted exactly like a Bounty (my pre-vegan fave), only better. It has a rice chocolate coating, a coconut middle and almonds on top. I could only eat half of it in one sitting though, it was definitely very sweet and rich. But who cares, if you can only eat half in one sitting that makes more for later!

Here are some pics, isn't the wrapper cute?

I also ordered Twilight and Jokerz which I will be trying later. If Mahalo is any indication though, the other flavours will be just as delicious. I think you can only order these online, which makes them a pain....but if you "stock up" like I did (candy addiction here!) then you can have vegan candy bars on hand for when you get a craving.

I also ordered a bag of Uncle Eddie's Peanut Butter Cookies. I had heard they are really good, though expensive. It was $6 for a bag, but totally worth it. Again, it's difficult to find pre-made vegan the convenience factor totally makes up for the price. I would definitely order them again. They are REALLY rich and filling though, and you definitely want a glass of soymilk to go with them!

I have been busy lately and haven't updated with any new recipes lately. I'm going to post a few after this post. Now, go order some vegan goodies! Get them for Christmas stocking stuffers or something.

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