Monday, March 1, 2010

Juice Detox Day 5

I had originally planned to do seven days, then I switched to five because I was going back to school today, then back to seven because it's only two days longer, but now I am back to five days. Yesterday was my last day. I had the same stuff I've been eating the last few days and my juice was spinach/carrot/celery. Sounds grosser than it is, mostly because of the spinach - I hate spinach. It actually tastes extremely bland, you should try it some time!

So, was it worth it? Have I noticed any changes? I would say YES! Do a juice detox. I have so much energy, I lost 5lbs (without exercise, boo ya), my skin is clearer, my brain feels lighter and I actually have no cravings for sugar (especially pop, my biggest sugar pitfall). I'll see how I feel over the next few days, if my sugar cravings come back to me or what. I might do a bi-weekly juice fast on Saturdays. Basically I would just drink 5 or 6 glasses of fresh juice and a shit tonne of water once a week or every other week to cleanse my system and stuff.

When I wrote my paper last night I was the most focused I've been in a long time. I noticed almost immediately when I went vegan that I had a lot more energy and I was more focused and stuff but that feeling faded and although I still feel better than pre-vegan I don't have that euphoric feeling. This detox really brought that feeling back and I'm really happy about it.

Anyways. If you have a juicer and 5 or 7 days I highly recommend doing a detox. I don't think I could do a total fast, but the detox is basically healthy, mostly raw foods and it's just great.

Part of the reason I stopped 2 days short was the fact that I go back to school today for quite a few hours and it's annoying to bring juice because it isn't as good for me old versus fresh and because I LOVE FOOD. I never had a stronger desire to cook and bake than during the detox. I am going to continue to try to juice once a day and increase my intake of raw foods however.

I saw that Amy's has a frozen rice noodle daiya mac and cheese bowl now!!! I totally need to find it, I read reviews and it looks sooo cheesy and yum. Plus, daiya is da bomb so it must be good. Most frozen meals suck, and sometimes you just need a convenient meal, so I usually turn to Amy's. I sound like a commercial, but her stuff is really good.

I'm so excited for Mexican food on Friday!!! Anyways. I have to go walk up a billion flights of stairs now which is going to suck because I somehow pulled/hurt the muscle in my big toe and down to my arch. I woke up in the middle of the night and it hurt and it still hurts. I have to walk all stupid and even though I wore my comfy running shoes I can't walk properly. I'm annoyed because now I can't go to the gym later!!!

I get another midterm back today, hopefully I did as well as the other ones I've had returned. I'm on a roll this semester with regards to marks, yay!


OH! And HAPPY MARCH EVERYONE!!! I love March. And thank god the Olympics are over.

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