Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grocery Time & Other Ramblings

I was coming home from the doc’s in Vancouver this morning so I did the first bit of my grocery shop at Whole Foods and then went to Save on Foods later. I also picked up the boyfriend’s drycleaning and felt like a 1950’s housewife. It was great. My internet is finally back! It has been down since Saturday because Telus is stupid. We ordered more TV channels and then like an hour later the tv and internet stopped working.

I’m so busy right now! I am halfway through my essays (4.5 to go) which is great. I’m really nervous about finals this semester so I have to start studying for those like next week, ugh. I splurged today and bought a few cans of this organic canned kitty food and they LOVED it. Even Alma, who normally just takes a nibble of wet food, gobbled hers up. I guess I’ll have to buy more of it.

Here’s what I bought this week, it was about $150 but I threw out my receipts so I don’t remember exactly.

OOH! I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE THE SPLIT SCREEN THING ON WINDOWS 7!!! I have been trying to figure this out since I installed it. This is AMAZING!!!

Sorry, back to what I bought haha:
4 corn on the cob
2 organic tomatoes
2 organic red peppers
2 organic orange peppers
1 red onion
6 bananas
2lbs of organic strawberries
1 pineapple
2 bunches of organic kale
small bag of organic mixed greens
1lb bag of organic kiwis
1 zucchini
bag of organic green beans
bag of cremini mushrooms
3 cans of organic canned kitty food
bag of organic quinoa
bag of organic long grain brown rice
Whole Foods guacamole (I NEVER buy guac from the store, but I’m too lazy to make some this week)
organic frozen potato wedges (Rosemary garlic flavour, yummy)
Oasis orange juice
1 can of refried beans
2 cartons of coconut water
2 boxes of whole wheat linguini
1 box of Nature’s Path cereal (I forget the flavor, some red berry mix I think)
6 whole wheat hamburger buns
pack of whole wheat burrito shells
Seventh Generation laundry detergent in the 2.5L size
Dr.Praeger’s TexMex (I think) veggie burgers – I have never had Dr.Praegers before, but I’ve heard good things, so I’ll see
Vitasoy soy milk –I had the urge to try a soy milk I’ve never had this week. I don’t know why.
carton of organic, vegan chai tea mixture – I have literally no idea why I bought this. I don’t even really like chai tea lattes, but I saw it on the shelf and I bought it
(These next things aren’t in my picture because I had put them in the fridge when I got home from Whole Foods and ran out of room on my stove)
organic almond butter
baby spinach
tofutti cream cheese
muffin from Whole Foods bakery (it was SOO GOOD! It had pumpkin seeds and raisins and a bunch of other yummy stuff in it. It was totally worth $3)
organic cotton all natural tampons (at least it’s better than tampax, I need something as backup still cuz I can’t get my divacup working!! Haha)

On Friday I pick up my online order for some vegan goodies like s’mores, cookies and chocolate eggs. I’m going to drive down to Bellingham to buy some Field Roast sausage. Hopefully the border isn’t retarded and realizes it’s NOT real sausage, but who knows. They took away a can of soup from me once because it had meat in it, yet it was MADE in the US so who knows, border guards are a strange folk.

What are we eating this week? This list is not exhaustive btw, it’s just what comes to mind after I wrote out my grocery list. We are going out for dinner on Friday in the States and I have no idea where to go…so I have to look that up.
Breaky = cereal, smoothies, fresh juice, fruit
Lunch = sandwiches, chili, soup, leftovers from dinner, fruits and veggies, juice
Snacks = crackers with PB/Almond butter, fruits, veggies, granola bars, fruit leathers, ice cream,
Dinner = burgers, burritos, shishkabobs, lemony/garlicky broccoli quinoa, braised cauliflower, szhechuan green beans and rice, corn on the cob, fancy pasta, soup, chili

Oh. And my day was ruined this morning by a chicken truck. It was 7:30 in the morning, driving down the #1, so obviously it’s pretty slow-going. I merged onto the highway behind a chicken truck and almost DIED. I had to follow it for like 20 minutes and then I finally got to pass it and then like 10 minutes later his lane caught up and I had to sit by it for another 10 minutes, I was so heartbroken.
The chickens were FILTHY and so SAD looking. I saw two dead ones (or at least I think they were dead…they weren’t moving) and these other two had their wings around each other and were just blankly staring into space with this sad and scared look on their faces. This other chicken was all curled up in a ball with her head poking out and she looked so sad too. I just started bawling. I knew they were on their way to the slaughterhouse which was the worst part. They all looked like they knew something horrible was going to happen to them, and I couldn’t even help them. They could have been traveling for hours too, I have no idea. I read this one story of a lady who followed a chicken truck from Banff to Vancouver (that’s like 12 hours!!) I really wanted to stop the truck and take the one chicken curled up on her own, but I couldn’t. Ugh, it just ruined my day. I was all pissed this morning too because I overheard a conversation two girls were having in the library yesterday that just highlighted the ignorance and defensive nature meat eaters have. I just wish people weren’t so scared of change, but alas, that’s the world we live in.

I have 3 more journal entries for my police studies course to do tonight and then I am going to have a bath. I have to apply for a rent-a-cop volunteer position too, that should be fun. I’ll get a good reference out of it at least.

Bella was sleeping in one of the million folds of this giant purple blanket I have. It was so cute!

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