Monday, March 8, 2010


I have a stash of bookmarked newspaper articles and the like in my history that I should start posting links to in case anyone is interested.

Here is an article I found today that analyzes our digestive system and compares it to the systems of herbivores and omnivores. Seems we're herbivores, interesting!

This is an article someone posted on a forum I read and it's quite good, here's a quote:
"If, as a meat-eater, being exposed to this reality bothers you, it is not the fault of the vegan. Lashing out or making up endless excuses doesn't change the stark scientific fact that animals are suffering because of our taste buds. Your neatly packaged chicken breast, all wrapped in pristine plastic, was once part of an animal that felt fear and pain. It's called responsibility and culpability, and we're all to blame.

Now, you may try to argue that eating animals is a matter of personal opinion or choice, but again I'd have to disagree -- this is not about your opinion versus my opinion, this is about animal suffering. You can't discuss your "personal choice" of eating animals while leaving animals completely out of the conversation."

And last but not least, here is an article that talks about the disgusting and ever growing manure problem in the US.

I'm off to do some late night studying now...I slacked off all day after I wrote a paper, oops!

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