Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juice Detox Day 4

God, yesterday was brutal. For some reason I was hungry all day and had no appetite. I felt really sick after dinner and still feel sick this morning and my nasty juice concoction today isn't helping me. I don't know if it's period cramps or because I ate chips or because I'm hungry or because it's been 5 days since I ate a lot of food or what. The only reason I got through the day was the fact that I am now over halfway and couldn't quit now! I did however eat some chips because I felt sick and wanted to indulge myself in my cravings. I don't regret it. Afterall, the only ingredients were organic potatoes, sunflower oil and salt...pretty good as far as chips go!

I had

3 giant glasses of peach/pineapple juice
3-4 glasses of water (no lemon/lime today, ugh)
sunflower seeds
2 boxes of raisins
quinoa with broccoli, carrot, lemon and garlic

I think that's all I ate, I was really busy and forgot about eating which is probably why I felt so hungry all day. My skin is even nicer this morning and I do have lots of energy, which is good because I have to write a stupid essay for tomorrow.

Anyways. Time for my lunch juice. Gross.

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