Monday, March 1, 2010

Yves Veggie Balls

Let me just say that the word "balls" is the greatest word ever.

I bought these a while back because every time I was staring at the tofu section of the grocery store I wanted to buy them. I figured I may as well try them so I can move on to something else. I still want to find field roast in Canada, but companies seem to forget we exist north of the 49th parallel and never ship anything here! Or they give us limited selection or it's in one store in TORONTO. Hello???? Vancouver is a big city too!!


The veggie balls as you can see in the picture look quite meaty. I wouldn't say they are bad but I wouldn't say they are delicious either. I may buy them in the future, but I think I prefer plain spaghetti, I never was a huge meatball fan...although I may buy them and make the IKEA meatball sauce that vegandad has on his blog...that could be good! HAHA, I could add "Sweden" to my list of international cuisines to make. Yes I know, IKEA food = not Swedish.

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing vegan products to try and I still need to get field roast sausages, rising moon organics ravioli, amy's dairy free mac and cheese bowl, whizzers chocolate eggs (If I order soon I'll get them by Easter) and some "chicken" noodle soup. I also discovered some skin care/makeup brands I want to try but I have no money for that sort of thing right now. I need to order more Daiya cheese too! I am going to make a grilled cheese sandwich on the weekend to use up the rest of the cheddar.

My toe still hurts and we are out of episodes of Lost to watch so Jason and me are very bored tonight haha.

I might bake muffins. In fact, I am going to go thaw my bananas right now. I normally peel them before I put them in the freezer because it's sooo cold to peel frozen bananas, but I've been a lazy person.

My brother has full intentions of going vegan in the future and just told me he wants to give up eggs and dairy asap. I told him he should probably wait as he still lives at home and my mom would be annoyed, but he could give up eating plain eggs and buy soy instead of regular milk. He's been veggie for two months and I'm very excited I know another veg*n in real life! My friend told me she wants to stop eating everything "bad" as well and has been asking for advice on a vegan diet as well. Yay! I'm a positive influence. Even my mom and step dad eat less meat now and Jason orders vegetarian food when we eat out quite often.

MUFFIN TIME! Check back for food porn. Yes. I said food porn. I hate that term too. Fudge.

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  1. has Field Roast! Vacouver! We don't forget you, it is just expensive to send product there, and to repackage for smaller companies :)

    Jennifer @ Field Roast