Friday, March 5, 2010


The weather today is amazing!!! If I hadn't already showered and put on my makeup and stuff before I realized this I would have gone for a long jog or something. Oh well, I'm lazy today anyways.

So today was GROCERY SHOPPING DAY!!! MY FAVOURITE DAY!!! I love to buy food.

Here's what we bought:

Earth Balance sticks ($5.69! Ugh)
Nutritional yeast
Organic long grain brown rice
So Delicious chocolate coconut milk icecream
Amy’s organic vegetable pot pie with tofu (For Jason, unfortunately it has milk *sigh*)
Premium Plus crackers (gotta have these with tomato soup!)
Crispy Minis (Sweet chili for me, Ketchup for Jason)
Organic quinoa
Nature Valley granola bars (Roasted Almond for me, Strawberry Yogurt for Jason)
Nile Spice Soup in Minestrone (I’m eating this now…not amazing, but a decently healthy and quick lunch)
Oasis orange juice
Organic peanut butter (only ingredient is peanuts :D)
Man razors
So Nice original soy milk
Imagine Foods Organic Creamy Tomato Soup
2x butterscotch pudding for Jason (jealous)
Giant bag of Whiskas Temptations for the babies
Goji berries
Chia seeds
Apple Lara bar (*gasps* I just noticed it's UPSIDE DOWN in my picture. How sad, you don't get to see the pretty label)
Organic canned pumpkin
Can of crushed tomatoes
Bush’s vegetarian baked beans
Can of green chilies
Canned black beans
2x canned chickpeas
canned corn
Frozen fruit (strawberry, blueberry, peach I think)
2x canned kidney beans
Green beans
Green onions
2x organic green peppers
1x organic orange pepper
2x giant jalepenos
2x lemons
Red onion
2x zucchini
Mini watermelon
2x garlic
20 mushrooms
Cascades toilet paper
Cascades paper towel
3x Cascades kleenex
Ecomax lavender dish soap

So what am I making with all this delicious food? Well for snacks we have some crap like crispy minis, icecream and I’m going to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls and veggies with hummus and goji berries of course. For breakfast it’s cereal with soy milk, smoothies and pancakes. For lunches I’m gonna make chili and soup to freeze and we have bread for PB&J, soups and veggies/fruit. For dinners I am making lemony broccoli quinoa, shishkabobs, jumbalaya with green beans and some other stuff. We have some soup and frozen meals for that too.
Should be a tasty week.

Total cost was $200. I’m not a bargain shopper when my budget allows me, although most stuff I buy is on sale. $50 was on household stuff like toilet paper and razors, the other $150 was all food. That’s quite average for us, especially when I’m making freezer lunches and this week I spent $50 just on Goji Berries and Chia seeds! I bought more canned and processed stuff than normal too but all in all I was still on budget! We give ourselves $300 every two weeks for groceries. Some weeks are as cheap as $75 but that depends on how stocked up we are and if I have to buy big ticket items (anything over $8).

Time to go write a paper on CCTV monitors now. How boring, eh? First I'm gonna go make an apple, cinnamon, peanut butter sandwich. So. Fucking. Good. Seriously, go make one! I never have banana and peanut butter anymore because this one pwns. (Lately I've been saying pwned/pwns for some reason. My brother is rubbing off on me and my WOW lingo is coming back to haunt me haha)

Anyways. Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

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