Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apple Sage Field Roast Sausage

Yes! I FINALLY tried Field Roast Sausages!!! I bought all three flavours and then I realized of all the flavours Apple Sage is the most strange and I almost regretted buying it. Seriously, what sort of foods do you combine it with? We decided to just cut it up and pan fry it and serve it with szechuan green beans and roasted potatoes.

The verdict: pretty good. I wouldn't say these are as amazing as people say they are, but they weren't bad. The texture was perfect but I think they had a slightly weird taste, but after I dipped them in ketchup it went away and they were great.

I don't really know what to do with the Apple Sage flavour though, that's the main problem. I was considering making a hot dog with them, but I think it would still be weird. At least the mexican and italian flavours are more versatile (although I've yet to taste them, they could be awful).

Here is a picture of them raw:

All you have to do is remove them from their plastic casing, which is super easy to do and then they are ready to cook. Make sure if you are cutting them up that you have a sharp knife though. I could see these falling apart pretty easily.

Overall I say if want some veggie sausages the Apple Sage Field Roast ones are pretty good. The texture is the best I've had out of all veggie sausages I've tried. Smell is really important to me, so even if something tastes good but smells bad, I hate it. Fortunately, these have no strange faux-meat smell, just a yummy smell :)

On a side note, we bought a new chair for the bedroom because we don't have any seating besides the cat-hair infested couch or our uncomfortable dining chairs. Unfortunately all three cats have decided to take over the chair and its footstool! I haven't been able to use it for more than 10 minutes because I feel bad moving a sleeping kitty. On the plus side, the cat hair comes off super easy! I feel bad for Bella though. She keeps trying to sleep on it but the other two kitties chase her away and a fight ensues haha. She did get the footstool last night though, she probably went fierce on their asses to get it. I'm surprised I didn't wake up to angry kitties actually.

I only have three papers left this semester! I can't wait until I'm finished. It's all over on the 8th and then I start studying for finals which is just as taxing. Ah well, such is life as a University student.

I am ordering some soy candles this week. There are a million scents though, so I have to sit down and seriously decide or I will end up buying like 40 of them. I'll let you know how they smell when I get them!

Anyways, go try some Field Roast and spoil yourself. They are rather expensive (another downside) but they are worth it.

Peace y'all.

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