Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fur and other things

Hi all.

I went to the Canucks game tonight. I was in row 3!! If I actually liked hockey and glorified the players like I did 5 years ago then I may have found it interesting, but I was just bored. Jason had fun though, so that's good.

My neck hurts now because of looking up to the megascreen and way down ice to my left, ugh. It's a little stingy, but hopefully it goes away tomorrow. The bandage is starting to itch like a mother and I really want to take it off but it would hurt haha.

I finally found this website I came across a while ago. Apparently these were advertisements on the skytrain but I never saw them. If you read the stuff it's just ridiculous....cuz I'm really going to believe the words from the Fur Council of Canada. HA HA. Plus, who is anti-fur mainly for the environmental damages? Maybe they should say and people will see how ridiculous the industry really is.

This is my favourite:
While it is totally legitimate to have differing personal views on the use of animals, whether in our diets or for the clothes we wear, is it really fair to single out one industry and attack the livelihoods of thousands of people, who, like everybody else, have families to raise and bills to pay? Is it really fair to attack the fur industry in a society where 97% of the population eats meat and uses animal products everyday?

This is a pretty lame justification too:
In nature, each plant and animal species generally produces more offspring than the land can support to maturity. Like other species, we live by making use of part of this surplus that nature creates

So, does that give me an excuse to skin the Duggar children then, or any family that has more than 2 children? Anything more than 2 is excessive. I just don't get how that justifies killing an animal for its fur. Gah. People are so stupid.

I think the site is hilarious though. Go check it out and have a laugh at the ludicrous suggestions it makes.

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  1. Bahaha those are ridiculous arguments. Also, I love the picture, they are so cute and funny.