Friday, February 26, 2010

Juice Detox Day 2

Yesterday went really well again. I woke up hungry and got a little hungry in the afternoon but I had a "big" dinner so I went to bed satisfied. The foods are really filling and I'm eating quite a large I think my "hunger" is artificial and most likely cravings for crappy salty fried foods.

I had:

3 glasses of grapefruit orange juice (YUMMY!!!)
5 glasses of water, with either lemon or lime juice
2 boxes of raisins
hummus with 2 carrots, 1 orange pepper and 1 celery stalk
2 rice cakes
sunflower seeds
quinoa with broccoli and carrots sauteed in lemon juice and garlic (really good actually, might make it a regular quick meal)
3 slices of bread (bad, not on my list of allowed foods...but Jason bought a loaf of crappy white bread and it just looked good so I caved in)

Today's juice is apple/beet. I have lunch with my grandma, and it was surprisingly hard to hunt down a restaurant with an easily veganized salad, because you know, restaurants could not have a vegan salad. That would just be horrible.

Next Friday I am going to start "foods from around the world" and I'm really excited. I have to think up 10 or so countries and then vegan dishes for each. We already decided on Mexican for Friday, and we're going to eat out.

Anyways, I have to go put my face on and get my hair did. HA. I love saying "get my hair did" because it's so ridiculously lame, especially because all I do is put 3 bobby pins to hold my bangs up and spray with a little hairspray. Adios amigos!

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