Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Subject

I just got back from 8 hours in Fraser Valley Institution. Talk about intense!!! The prison itself is really pretty and they all live in cute houses and stuff...but we walked into the max security wing and one of the windows to the cell block was smashed and there was still blood all over it! They had been cleaning the blood up for 2 days and they still can't get it all out, scary! The max wing and segregation were so weird, the rest seemed normal to me...mostly because I regularly go to ACCW which looks the same.

I played aboriginal drums and "smudged" myself with lifers, murderers and even one sex offender. I sat beside Kelly Ellard for two hours, which was really weird. It's so unreal that someone so pretty and normal could commit such a crime, but looks can be deceiving.

Now my sister informs me that she wants to spend the night tonight instead of tomorrow night after I just got home! I drove through Mission 20 minutes ago and could have picked her up haha. I have to go clean my bathroom before she gets here, it's a disaster!!! Haha.

Peace all.

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  1. Did you talk to Kelly Ellard? What did she say?