Thursday, February 25, 2010

Juice Detox Day 1

I'm very irritated today because of school. I submitted assignment 1 for one of my distance ed classes and I got an N because I apparently didn't submit the answer for question 2 when it clearly says answer "either" 1 or 2. So now I have to do question 2, which is a BS question that makes no sense. Argh. This is the worst class I have this semester. The textbook is written in this ridiculous font so I can't read it AND it makes NO sense and doesn't even have a glossary so I can lookup complicated political words.

Blah. Oh well. I don't think I'm getting late marks, not that I give a crap anyways. It's worth like 5% of my mark, but if I don't do it I get an N in the course.

Anyways, back on topic. Day 1 of my juice detox went great. If you don't know the difference between a fast and a detox a fast is where you only consume fresh juice and water whereas a detox you eat limited solid foods like brown rice, fresh fruits/veggies, hummus, rice cakes and some seeds (plain but nutritious foods).

What did I have?

5 big glasses of water, 2 with lemon, 2 with lime and one plain because I HATE lemon/lime water so I had to give myself a break.

3 glasses of juice - apple/carrot today (4 apples, 3 carrots in each glass)

hummus with 2 carrots, a yellow pepper, 1 celery stick
a box of raisins
a bunch of sunflower seeds (SO great for snack cravings because it feels like you are eating wayyyy more than you actually are)
3 plain rice cakes

I wasn't hungry at all, and my cravings for my evening snacks were easily overcome with my sunflower seeds.

Today's juice is orange/grapefruit so that should be yummy.

I managed to sneak my way into a psychology course I need for the summer semester in order to switch my major to criminology. There were two offerings and BOTH were evenings (which is fine) but SFU has this new "Nights or Weekends" program which means you must be a NOW student to enroll in the courses...and I'm not one. I was all panicked but I talked to three different people and they snuck me in to the Vancouver one (kind of far, but whatever).

Anyways. I'm going to figure out what to write for this stupid ass assignment now. I don't even understand the question!

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