Monday, February 8, 2010


I passed the BSOT (border servicers officer test)!! YAY!!!

The lady told us at the beginning of the exam that it's a 20% pass rate, so 1/5 people pass. Ugh. I got so scared and kept second guessing myself, not to mention I BOMBED the math section. Am I really expected to know what 7% of 23950.67 is? Or 567.23/89.22. Really. I'm sure I will have a calculator with me in my booth!

Anyways, I passed 2 rounds of recruitment next week I have an interview at the truck crossing (I guess that's where I'll work if I get hired? I don't actually know) and if I pass that I guess I do the fitness test? I'm not sure, but that would be 3 rounds down.

I'm so happy.

Later I will post my delicious calzones!!! YUMMY!!!!!

But, now that I've basked in joy for 10 minutes I must go back to studying for midterms. I had my first one this morning and with the exception of one question, aced it.

Adios amigos.

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