Friday, April 9, 2010

Guess who's going to Vegas, baby??

Our original summer vacay plan was to go on a staycation in Vancouver but we found an awesome deal to go to Vegas which is cheaper than Vancouver. So why not? I've never been to Vegas. I don't drink or gamble, but maybe I'll live it up for one night HAH. That's a lie actually, I've been to Vegas as a 12 and 16 year, I walked around and shopped. I didn't really do Vegasy things for obvious age reasons haha. I do remember my mom telling us not to pick up the flyers the men hand out on the street though, and I picked out up and I just remember huge tittys and I was like AH and my mom got mad. Haha. Good times in Vegas.

I'm just excited to GO AWAY!!! My last real vacation was Hawaii three years ago. I've only had disastrous camping trips since then haha.

This will be my first trip as a vegan. I'm quite nervous about it actually. Supposedly Vegas isn't that vegan friendly but I've been doing a little research. Did you know there is this amazing donut shop there (Ronald's) that is like 90% vegan!!!!!! The donuts look SO good there, and I haven't had a donut in agggges.

So, if anybody out in this internet abyss knows a good vegan-friendly place to eat near the Strip let me know.

Now I must go try to calm down the kitties. They had a huge fight last night and now they are all skittish and on edge with each other. Ugh.

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