Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bow chikka wow wow

I finished my last exam today! *sigh* I'm so relieved.

The plan for the next 2 weeks? COOK AND BAKE LIKE A MAD WOMAN!!!!!!! I am going to try out dandies marshmallows tonight to make rice krispy squares (yes, at 1am haha), attempt a cheesecake on Monday, make 3424 batches of COOKIES and make fancy shmancy dinners. I can't wait. Nothing but yummy food, books and video games. Oh, and I plan on donating blood and taking my driver's test somewhere in there.

Here is a great blog post. Send the link to any meat eaters you may know. I love the end haha.

Now I must wean myself off of caffeine. It's been my savior for the past two weeks. I had a red bull this morning but that was it and I've had the worst head ache all day!! Blah.

Peace out y'all

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